People who know me thinks that I can converse on many subjects. That is true, but this time I am writing, giving you an opportunity to hire me to come to a meeting, a gathering. That being retired teachers, a library, a school. Or just for the fun for listening to someone who has lived outside the social network all his life and managed to get a joyful and interesting life out of it.

I have started  various businesses including restaurants, hotels and pizzerias - all in different countries. I have traveled all over the USA with my art. I lost (not my art) everything in Wisconsin and had food stamps for two years. In between I wrote a couple of books. Two years ago I moved my studio driving back and forth many times  from San Antonio in Texas to Queretaro. 

Maybe my presence can show the ones listening that there is always a way around hard times in life as long as you don't give up.  One highly educated  and extremely smart young woman once told me, she had made it a habit to come by to just talk once or twice a month, "I have never met someone like you. You talk about the experiences and knowledge not taught at universities."


I left school before I graduated